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Jannali Oval. Sutherland Rd, Jannali.          Phone No: (02) 9528 3519

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Kareela Synthetic Pitches - Criteria for Use

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Please find below relevant details specific to the use of the two Synthetic fields at Kareela (K2 and K3) - noting that these requirements remain fluid as Council, the SSFA and Clubs continue to understand the complexities of the Kareela Synthetic facility:

-            The first teams scheduled for the Saturday are required to set up the field (both teams should assist in this regard),

-            The last teams on Saturday are to remove the corner flags and lock in the fenced off enclosure,

-            Last teams scheduled for the Sunday are required to pack up the field - only two goals are permitted on the trolley at a time (again, both teams should assist in this regard),

-            Each club will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the SSFA (as soon as the Council/ SSFA MOU is finalised),

-            The home team will be charged at a rate of $30 per hour for use of the field (plus cost of electricity if the lights are used),

-            The field can be used on Friday nights for State Cup catch up matches (subject to the usual State Cup criteria that have been published) or other matches if space allows (subject to approval from the SSFA GM).

-            Each team is to provide two (2) people for Ground Control per match (wearing Orange Jackets) to undertake normal ground control duties (as specified in SSFA Rule 30D) and to ensure the below requirements are satisfied,

-            No food/ sports drinks/ chewing gum/ alcohol/ smoking is allowed inside the perimeter fence,

-            No Spectators are permitted inside the perimeter fence (players, team officials and match officials only are allowed) discussions with Council are ongoing re MiniRoos matches


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