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Jannali Oval. Sutherland Rd, Jannali.          Phone No: (02) 9528 3519

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Match Card Infringements and Team Fines

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Attention All Coach and Managers,

The Association impose fines on teams if the team officials do not complete match sheets.

I need to remind you as your team official to fill in match sheets before the game starts with Coach and Managers Names, and for competition teams, players numbers.

At the end of the game you must sign the match sheet.

Last week our club was fined $60 for the teams that failed to do this.

The fines are passed on to the club and our rules provide that we pass the fine on to the team to pay. The fine is $5 per failure of procedure and some teams have been fined multiple amounts for the same team sheet. The amount appears small but in total last year cost the club over $1000 which has to be recouped, meaning possible increase in your registration fees.

This week we will commence passing the amount on to you and your team if you incur a fine and stress that we need to have you complete these tasks as the Coach or Manager of your team to avoid this, which is a very simple task.

The amount will be passed on to your team to pay rather than the club having to absorb this cost and increase your registration fees.

Chris Martin
President CWJJSC


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